Partners in Prosperity: Armstrong Bank

Armstrong Bank has been serving the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce since 1996, when they came to Tahlequah. Focusing on providing exceptional customer service, the staff at the Tahlequah branch is ready to help and make their customers a part of their family. Another highlight about the bankers of Armstrong is that they are very willing to get involved and serve their community. Whether it's in-person or online banking, loan handling, planning and investments, Armstrong Bank of Tahlequah takes care of their customer needs. 

With their role in serving their community, Armstrong Bank is the Presenting Sponsor for the New Member Packets for the Tahlequah Area Chamber of Commerce. The packets are vital in getting new members of the chamber oriented and familiar with their membership, and Armstrong’s role in providing them is greatly appreciated. That is not all though, Armstrong Bank also serves the chamber through Gold Sponsorships for the Website and Welcome Packet, a Silver Sponsorship for Connect to Tahlequah, a Swag-Bag Sponsorship for Back-to-School Breakfast, and even teams for the Chamber Annual Golf Tournament.  

We are very appreciative of Armstrong Bank and all that they do to provide and build the Tahlequah community. The New Member Packets and Welcome Packets that they sponsor are so helpful to newcomers and those getting to know the Tahlequah Area and Chamber, if you’re interested in one yourself and want to see how they’re building their community, come the TACC and get one!